Welcome to Milford Bay Trout Farm.

We are very pleased that you have taken the time to locate us and hope that you have come to enjoy even just one of our time-tested smoked trout products over the years…

In the pages of our website, we aim to give you the information you are looking for. It’s our goal to satisfy both your curiosity and your palette!


“I don’t like to eat fish, but this is great!”
“My dad brought me here when I was just seven, now I’m back with my own kids to catch dinner!”
“Where can I get this other than Milford Bay?”
“I have used your products in my restaurant for decades, and the consistency of your quality is impressive…”
“When we are at the cottage, the pâté is a staple, but I have to steal some before the kids get into it…”
“This has been the highlight of my summer.”
“I’ve tried smoked salmon and trout from all over the world, believe me, and yours is still the best.”

1224 Hewlitt Rd., RR#6 Bracebridge, ON. P1L 1X4
Phone: 705-764-1797, Email: mbtf73@gmail.com